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About Me

Hi there! I’m Megan, a web developer living in Ozark, Missouri. I have a wide range of skills developed while working primarily in an agency setting. I'm comfortable with many different platforms, frameworks, languages and environments! And nothing makes me more excited than figuring out how to implement a new technology to solve a problem. I'm looking for a long-term development home. I'm looking to find a place that I can grow and learn and develop my skills as I'm always looking for a new project to expand my knowledge pool! Do you think I would fit with your company? I'd love to find out!

What I Do

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Frontend Development

While I'm not a designer, I do love to make websites and web apps look and function smoothly and beautifully! I strive to make sites accessible with great UX.













Backend Development

I'm most excited when I'm able to create a speedy API or a slick backend application. I love bringing the data to that frontend to make pretty.










Git (Bitbucket, Github, GitLab

Work Experience

Web Developer Advantage Solutions (Marlin Network)

August, 2019 - Present

While working with the fantastic team at Marlin Network, I have had the opportunity to work with many technologies and languages I wasn't previously familiar with. The project I spent the most time with at Marlin Network has been Smucker Away From Home on a Pimcore-based website written in PHP. This site (and many other sites we worked on) include several vue apps as well as a headless Magento integration for ecommerce. You can see that website in my portfolio below. Another notable project (also below) is the MelFry landing page done for Ventura Foods. It was a very complex scroll-based design written in Nuxt/Vue.js using Scroll Magic. Most of our sites run on Umbraco, a .Net based platform written in C#, and so we also worked to migrate our servers to Azure to implement a smoother development process.

Software/Web Developer Web Arc Technologies

September 2018 - August 2019

Working with WebArc Technologies I created and maintained highly custom websites on both the Wordpress and Magento platforms. The most notable project I worked on was to create a completely custom multi-warehouse inventory management system using the Laravel framework. Other projects I worked on are custom modules for the Magento platform, as well as migrating Magento 1.x sites to the new 2.3 version. Additionally, I created advanced Wordpress sites following intricate designs. These sites included image mapping, gated content, and countless custom variables to create beautiful dynamic websites.

Lead Web Developer Frank and Maven

July, 2017 - September 2018

As the lead developer for Frank and Maven, I managed nearly 100 unique web servers and nearly 130 different websites. Most of these were on the Wordpress platform, while others were on Magento, Shopify and even completely custom frameworks. My role was not only one to complete the technical aspects of the job, but also to help advise and communicate with clients on their technical/web needs.


B.S. in Broadcast Media University of Central Missouri

May, 2008


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Smucker Away From Home

Pimcore Web Development

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Mission Food Service

Umbraco/.NET MVC Web Development

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Mel-Fry Landing Page

Nuxt/Vue Web Development

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Summit Hill Foods Professional Solutions

Custom Wordpress Web Development

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Rethink How You Butter

Nuxt/Vue Landing Page

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Frame Destination

Magento/Angular Web Development

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Discount Party Supplies

Magento/Laravel Web Development

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Hydration Health

Shopify Ecommerce Web Development

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Mother Road Motorcycles

Wordpress & Custom Python Product Feed

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